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Understanding by Design, or UbD, is an increasingly popular tool for educational planning focused on "teaching for understanding".The emphasis of UbD is on "backward design", the practice of looking at the outcomes in order to design curriculum units, performance assessments, and classroom instruction.The UbD framework was designed by nationally recognized educators Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, and published by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. (Wikipedia )

We are teachers spending the month of July, 2009 in the EDAP 688 class "Developing a Technology Rich Curriculum" offered through the University of Louisville's College of Education and Human Development. Our purpose is to explore the UbD framework and learn of its implications for our students while creating a technology rich unit of studies.

Each topical entry will be created by two individuals, and include the following:
1. Explanation
2. Rationale
3. Example
4. Student Impact
5. What other teachers might find difficult about implementing this strategy
6. What we might like or dislike about implementing this strategy
7. Examples from other teachers in the class

Each dated entry will pose an "essential question". Each individual will post a thoughtful response on the discussion tab for each entry.

July 8 - http://prezi.com/125429/
July 13 - http://prezi.com/127055/
July 15 - http://prezi.com/128679/
July 16 - http://prezi.com/129873/
July 20 - http://prezi.com/131516/
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July 22 - http://prezi.com/133690/
July 23 - http://prezi.com/134640/
July 27 - http://prezi.com/136942/
July 29 - http://prezi.com/138779
August 3 - http://prezi.com/141245/